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Natural Resources and Environmental Studies


Technical Manual of Land Use

Through this release, IBGE makes available the third edition of the Technical Manual of Land Use, providing an updated perspective in relation to the previous editions, in tune with contemporary issues. This new edition places the land use studies in the evolutionary context of the geographical thinking. It includes a reflection on the most up-to-date concepts involved in this subject, specially those in the context of the globalization of economy, environmental issues and equity, as well as introduces the Classification System of Land Use, to be used in exploratory mappings.

The publication is organized into four sections, in addition to the introduction: the first one discusses the theoretical and methodological references of the current approach, placing them in the historic perspective of the evolution of the geographical thinking; the second section contains the basic principles which guide the survey of land cover and use, the nomenclature used, and the definitions of the terms employed according to the existing bibliography and to the work of IBGE in this field, as well as the classification system conceived to categorize land cover and use; the third section describes methodologies, instruments and techniques adopted in spatial analysis, separating the phases of office and field work, and also presents procedures for the elaboration of charts, maps, map legends and cartographic editions at different scales; and the last section deals with the Geographic Information System – GIS and the Database considering an Entity-Relationship Model.

This Manual is a reference for coming works in the field of interpretation and representation of the contemporary study of land use by society, at the same time it contributes to the production of necessary information concerning issues related to sustainable development.

This group of data is also available on the CD-ROM which comes enclosed with the publication and on the IBGE web site.