Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística

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Natural Resources and Environmental Studies

Systematization of Information on Natural Resources


It encompasses permanent activities aimed at the systematic updating of texts and charts in the fields of Geology, Geomorphology, Soils, Vegetation, Water Resources and Climate, for the formation of georeferenced databases on natural resources. Information in the databases will allow the access to data by integrated survey topics at several cartographic levels.

The systematization includes activities related to the production of Charts and Thematic Maps; Technical Manuals and the Statistical Yearbook of Brazil – Chapter: Natural Resources and Environment.

IBGE has recently developed, in the scope of the Systematization Project and in accordance with the contract IBGE/CISCEA- Projeto SIVAM, activities for the updated mapping of natural resources in the Legal Amazon. The results of this work have led to the creation of a dataset on natural resources of the whole area, including the topics Geology, Geomorphology, Soils and Vegetation.

Cartograms (in Portuguese)