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Thematic Maps of the Jamari River Basin


The Thematic Maps of the Jamari River Basin encompass the following subjects: geomorphology, pedology, vegetation, geology and the evolution of the municipal boundaries of the area of the Jamari River Basin (1991 - 1993 - 1997). The maps also include some numerical data and indicators from the database. The municipal database of 1991 was used in the Population Census of 1991; that of 1993 was used in the Agricultural Census and Population Recount of 1995; and that of 1997, in the Population Census of 2000.

In this study, the whole municipality of Jamari was considered, not only the area of the municipality in the Jamari River Basin.

There are two maps related to Pedology and Vegetation: a general map and a detailed one. Users can choose the best level of work for their purposes. In these two themes, tables were generated correlating data with the municipalities of the Jamari River Basin.

Concerning geomorphology, there is a map showing the major landscape units in the area. Users can obtain more details on this theme. The map of the Natural Potential of Land was generated using a methodology (under test) developed by the Pedology Group of the Department of Geosciences.