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Natural Resources and Environmental Studies

Systematization of Information about Natural Resources - Products

Georeferenced Database

This product encompasses updated graphic and alphanumerical information about vegetation, soil, geology and geomorphology, which is released in an ancillary cartographic database compatible with the 1:250,000 scale for all the national territory.
Data sources were recent images of the orbital sensors (especially LANDSAT), updated references, studies from other institutions and results of field works.

All information is structured in databases, which can be used in Geographic Information Systems – SIG, allowing for the generation of new products from data crossing within the same theme or between different themes. These products can contribute to studies on territorial organization.

The Georeferenced Database is available for download, including files in shape file format with associated databases (graphic and alphanumerical) and documentation. All themes are structured in ArcView projects.

The available data correspond to the NA.19 Pico da Neblina map, updated in 2001. Other maps to the millionth scale corresponding to the Legal Amazon are predicted to be available in 2005.