Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística

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Natural Resources and Environmental Studies

Fauna and Flora - Obtaining and Digitizing Data on Natural Resources


It encompasses permanent activities related to the management of studies and data on fauna and flora performed by the Directorate of Geosciences, involving data collection, treatment, storage, analysis and dissemination of primary and secondary data about Brazilian fauna and flora.

These activities include the maintenance of the following registers:

    Economically-Relevant Vegetation Species;

    Endemic Species of the Brazilian Flora;

    Brazilian Ichthyological Fauna;

    Legal Amazon Vertebrate Fauna;

    Conservation Units and Indigenous Lands.

In this department one can also find activities of operation and maintenance of the IBGE Herbarium, located in the Ecological Reserve of Roncador, under the responsibility of the Federal District Local Unit – Center for Environmental Studies of the Cerrado. Its main activities are the collection, maintenance and improvement of scientific collections of the Cerrado and of the HRB Herbarium, under the responsibility of Bahia State Unit - Natural Resources Department, whose basic activities are the collection, identification and maintenance of botanic material coming from all area with vegetation formation in the country.