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Natural Resources and Environmental Studies

Hydric Resources

Hydrogeological and Hydrochemical Maps

Hydrogeological Maps represent aquifer potential or productivity, hydrogeological local importance and general characteristics of aquifer systems. They also provide, with the support of a simplified geological database, a general lithological description of each unit. In general, the description reveals the hydrogeological potential of the acquifers. An organized map of the conditions of exposure of the acquifers (characteristics of the recharge areas) and their natural susceptibility to pollution is also included.

Hydrochemical Maps represent chemical types, availability of potable water and the quality of water for irrigation. The main chemical types are represented by colors. The availability and different classes of potable water is represented by hatching. The classification of underground water for irrigation is represented by symbols, considering Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR) and Electrical Conductivity (C) values.