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Integrated Map of the Ecological-Economic Zoning of the States of the Legal Amazon

The Integrated Map of the Ecological-Economic Zoning of the States of the Legal Amazon, the main map among the thematic maps, is aimed at the territorial planning of the region. The ecological-economic zoning (result of the work of several professionals and institutions) has a normative function and a strategic role in finding and suggesting alternatives for the sustainable use of the natural resources and for the intelligent use of the economic and social potentials of Amazon, preserving its cultural and regional diversity.

The map shows the division of the territory of the Legal Amazon in areas with pre-defined or to-be-defined productive structure; areas that must be recovered and/or reorganized; fragile areas; areas where there is forestry activity; and areas with environmental protection (existent or proposed). The map is also a base for a more ambitious project: the Ecological-Economic Macrozoning.

Amazon is encompassed by the Amazon river basin, the most extensive of the planet, which includes 25,000 km of navigable rivers, in about 6,900,000 km2, of which approximately 3,800,000 km2 are in Brazil. The Legal Amazon, in turn, established in article 2 of the Law no 5,173 of October 1966, encompasses the states of Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Mato Grosso, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima, Tocantins, part of Maranhão and five municipalities of Goiás. It accounts for 59% of the Brazilian territory, distributed in 775 municipalities, where 20.3 million people (12.32% of the national population) live according to the 2000 Population Census; 68.9% of this amount lives in the urban zone.

Available Maps:

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    Legal Amazon - Agricultural and Mining Boundaries in the Natural Vegetation

    Legal Amazon - Typology of the Territorial Occupation

    Legal Amazon - Socio-cultural Diversity

    Legal Amazon - Agricultural Structure

    Legal Amazon - Livestock Farming and Timber Harvest Boundaries