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RBMC - Brazilian Network for Continuous Monitoring of the GNSS Systems in real time

RBMC-IP is a real-time positioning service for users who employ the RTK (Real-Time Kinematic ) or the DGPS (Differential GPS ) techniques in surveys. Data are made available via the Internet protocol known as Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol (NTRIP), in RTCM format. NTRIP was projected to disseminate differential data correction or other types of GNSS data to users, moving or still, by the Internet. It allows simultaneous connections from PCs, Laptops and PDAs that have access to the wireless Internet, such as, for example, GPRS or 3G modem.

Data transmission is achieved by the following procedure: a GNSS receiver sends RTMC messages continuously to a “caster” server located in IBGE. Users, with a “client” application, such as GNSS Internet Radio or BNC (BKG NTRIP Client) and with an Internet connection, connect to the IBGE’s server and choose the RBMC-IP station(s) they want to receive data or differential corrections from. The corrected positions are obtained as the corrections received by the users´ GPS receiver (or GNSS) through a standard serial port. Presently, the "caster " server of IBGE receives data from 74 RBMC stations, which are:

Alegrete (RSAL)

Altamira (PAAT)

Aracaju - São Cristóvão (SEAJ)

Arapiraca (ALAR)

Araquari (SCAQ)

Balsas (MABS)

Belém (BELE)

Belo Horizonte (MGBH)

Boa Vista (BOAV)

Bom Jesus da Lapa (BOMJ)

Brasília (BRAZ)

Campinas (SPCA)

Campo Grande (MSCG)

Campos dos Goytacazes (RJCG)

Cananéia (NEIA)

Cascavel (PRCV)

Chapecó (SCCH)

Colíder (MTCO)

Colorado d'Oeste (ROCD)

Cruzeiro do Sul (CRUZ)

Cuiabá (CUIB)

Curitiba (UFPR)

Dourados - UFGD (MSDR)

Eusébio (CEEU)

Florianópolis (SCFL)

Goiânia (GOGY)

Governador Valadares - Rede CEMIG (GVA1)

Guarapuava (PRGU)

Ilha Solteira (ILHA)

Ilhéus (BAIL)

Imbituba (IMBT)

Imperatriz (IMPZ)

Inconfidentes (MGIN)

Irecê (BAIR)

Itaituba (PAIT)

João Pessoa (PBJP)

Lages (SCLA)

Macapá (MAPA)

Manaus (NAUS)

Marabá (MABA)

Maringá (PRMA)

Montes Claros - Rede CEMIG (MCL1)

Montes Claros CODEVASF (MGMC)

Natal (RNNA)

Ourinhos (OURI)

Palmas (TOPL)

Petrolina (PEPE)

Porto Alegre (POAL)

Porto Velho (POVE)

Presidente Prudente (PPTE)

Recife (RECF)

Rio Branco (RIOB)

Rio de Janeiro (RIOD)

Rio de Janeiro - ON (ONRJ)

Rio Paranaíba (MGRP)

Salvador (SSA1)

Salvador INCRA (SAVO)

Santa Maria (SMAR)

Santana (APSA)

São Carlos (EESC)

São José dos Campos (SJSP)

São Luís (SALU)

São Paulo (POLI)

São Raimundo Nonato (PISR)

Sobral (CESB)

Sorriso (MTSR)

Teixeira de Freitas (BATF)

Teresina (PITN)

Ubatuba (UBA1)

Uberlândia - Rede CEMIG (UBE1)

Varginha - Rede CEMIG (MGV1)

Viçosa (VICO)

Vitória (CEFE)

Vitória da Conquista (BAVC)

This server can be accessed by the IP address on port 2101. The 2101 port is reserved to transmit the differential corrections obtained by the NTRIP client. Accessing via any Internet navigator, it is possible to visualize the information about the stations.

The access to IBGE’s server is for free, however users need to fill out the register application and register as users of the service. The application will be evaluated and an user ID and password will be sent by e-mail. Some access restrictions are necessary in order to avoid traffic congestion in this server:

  1. Access to only five stations per user will be allowed;
  2. User ID and password will be valid for a maximum period of six months;
  3. Up to the maximum of 1,000 simultaneous accesses to the service will be allowed.

The "client" programs to be installed in the users’ computer or PDA can be found in the Windows, Linux and Windows CE platforms at the following address:

Users’ microcomputer cannot be inserted in a Firewalls network or Proxy otherwise the RBMC-IP service will not work. There are several commercial GNSS receivers that allow the access to the Internet via the NTRIP protocol. Further information can be obtained with the equipment representatives or on the NTRIP web portal (




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