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Precise Point Positioning (PPP)

IBGE-PPP (Precise Point Positioning or Precise Absolute Positioning) is an on-line service for the GPS (Global Positioning System) data post-processing. It allows GPS users to obtain high precision coordinates in the Geocentric Reference System for the Americas (SIRGAS2000) and in the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF). In GPS positioning, the term Precise Point Positioning normally refers to the process of obtaining station positions by means of carrier wave observations collected by dual frequency receivers in combination with IGS (International GPS Service) products.

IBGE-PPP results do not depend on any adjustment of the geodetic network and is not associated with performances or adjustments of the planimetric network. Thus, the results obtained through this service will present a small difference in relation to those available in the Geodetic Data Bank (BDG).

IBGE-PPP processes GPS data that were collected in static or kinematic modes from single or dual-frequency receivers. Only GPS data tracked after February 25th of 2005 are accepted, since that was the date when SIRGAS2000 was officially adopted in Brazil.

To use this service users need the following information:

  1. GPS data must be in RINEX or Hatanaka format, preferably compressed in WINZIP, GZIP or TAR-GZIP (compressed files reduce information processing considerably in our system). More than one RINEX file is allowed inside a compressed file, but the RINEX or Hatanaka files must be in the root directory of the compressed file.
  2. The type of antenna used in the survey, according to the IGS identification standards, and the height of the antenna in meters according to the Antenna Reference Plan.

Results will be sent by e-mail, provided by users when submitting data for processing. This positioning service uses the CSRS-PPP processing application developed by the Geodetic Survey Division of Natural Resources of Canada (NRCan).

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Important information:

In order to provide results with better quality through the IBGE-PPP service, the following enhancements were implemented on November 30, 2013:

  1. GNSS processing (provided the user data are GNSS) 36 hours after the end of the tracking and in points observed in the Brazilian territory;

  2. GPS processing 2:30 hours after the end of the tracking and in points observed in the Brazilian territory;

  3. Applies the error correction to the satellite clocks every 30 seconds;

  4. Correction of the effects of the troposphere by means of the GMF mapping function (Global Mapping Function);

  5. Computation of temperature and pressure based on the GPT empiric model (Global Pressure and Temperature);

  6. PDF output including graphs with precision and convergence of the coordinates.