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PMRG – Geodetic Reference System Change Project


IBGE mission is to portray Brazil by providing the information required to the understanding of its reality and the exercise of citizenship. In this context, the Geodetic Reference System Change Project – PMRG – is a mark in the history of the institute as it influences the activities of several sectors of the Brazilian society.

In order to reach the purpose of the project, six Work Groups (WGs) were created – responsible for the development of studies and surveys related to the adoption of a new geocentric reference frame – and partnerships with several sectors of the society were established – IBGE, through the Directorate of Geosciences, is in charge of the general coordination of the activities.


The Geodetic Reference System Change Project – PMRG – has the purpose of promoting the adoption of a new geodetic reference system in the country. The new reference system is unified, modern and conceived from a geocentric perspective in order to be compatible with the most modern positioning technologies.

New publications
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  "Revista Ponto de Referência no 3" - December 2008