Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística

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SGB - Brazilian Geodetic System


The development of the Brazilian Geodetic System, composed by the altimetric, planimetric and gravimetric networks may be divided in two different phases: before and after the arrival of the technology of observation by artificial satellites with positioning use. In Brazil, this technology enabled, for example, the expansion of the SGB to the Amazon region, providing the establishment of the framework which supports the systematic mapping of that area.

Initially, in the 1970’s, the satellites of the TRANSIT System were used. In the ends of the 1980’s, IBGE, through its Geodetic Department, created the GPS project willing to establish methodologies which could structure the complete use of the technology of the NAVSTAR/GPS System that was an evolution in comparison to previous methods of geodetic positioning, being considerably superior in the items quickness and economy of financial and human resources.