Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística

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SIRGAS Analysis Center – IBGE


Since 2005, through the Coordination of Geodesy, IBGE has conducted the weekly processing of the data from all the stations of the Brazilian Network for Continuous Monitoring of GNSS-RBMC Systems. The purpose of this activity is to assess the quality of the GPS observations and maintain the new Geocentric Reference System SIRGAS2000, officially in use in the country since February of the same year. After three years of experience and optimization of these activities, in May of 2008 IBGE became one of the SIRGAS Analysis Centers. Its responsibility is to process the data from the GNSS continuous stations that participate in the central part of the SIRGAS-CON Network and combine the weekly solutions from all the SIRGAS processing centers, collaborating, in this way, with the activities of the SIRGAS Work Group I (Reference System).

The main purposes of the activities conducted in an Analysis Center are:

  • Collaborate with the maintenance of the SIRGAS Reference Frame;
  • Perform the quality control of the data and the physical structure of the stations belonging to the Brazilian Network for Continuous Monitoring– RBMC and generate periodical informative notes about the stations;
  • Monitor the variation of the coordinates of the stations belonging to the SIRGAS-CON network through the graphs of the station time series relative to planimetric and altimetric components;
  • Generate and analyze the results derived from the combination of the weekly solutions provided by the SIRGAS processing centers.