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Continuous Vector Cartographic Database of Roraima
1:100,000 scale

The Continuous vector cartographic database of Roraima is constituted of 108 planimetric maps in the 1:100,000 scale, in compliance with the technical standards of the Vector Geospatial Data Structure (ET-EDGV) defined by the National Comission of Cartography (CONCAR).

The EDGV has the purpose of standardizing the concept model of the geospatial database that will store the cartographic databases. That database is structured in categories of information: Hydrography, Relief, Locations, Limits, Transportation System, Economic Structure, Energy and Communication, Reference and Vegetation Points. Each category has its class of elements (Hydrography: Water courses, Islands, Waterfalls, among others). Each class of elements has associated geometric and semantic aspects which enable the identification and classificataion of each geographic element represented in the mapping.