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Cartographic Mapping - Products

Aerial Photographs

A group of colored aerial photographs in digital format, as an input to the creation of topographic maps.

There are a total of 170 photographs available, encompassing lines 01 to 17 of the IBGE-SP/MG/GO project (with a total 56 lines).

Image resolution of 256dpi, what is equivalent to a 4 meter pixel size; all the photos are oriented to the north.

The main flight features are:

  • Date: July/2002
  • Approximate area: 54,000km²
  • Photo scale: 1/35,000
  • Focal distance: 153mm
  • Total number of photos in the project: 3,403
  • Total number of lines in the project: 56
  • Length of flight lines: 10,777km