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Mapping of Territorial Units - Products

Mesh of the Rural Enumeration Area

The Mesh of the Rural Enumeration Area of Brazil is a cartographic product of IBGE originated from the Municipal Graph File - AGM, formed by topographic charts in the best scale available, in the several regions of the country. This version portrays the current situation of the Political-Administrative Division of Brazil – DPA, through the vector representation of state and municipal boundaries used in the Population Census collection, relative to the base-date, corresponding to the date of 08/01/2000 and incorporating the changes indicated during the aforementioned Census survey.

This new version comes from the Digital Municipal Mesh - DPA/99, which portrays the 5,507 Brazilian municipalities existing on the reference date. The hybrid municipal maps elaborated to form the Rural Territorial Base of the 2000 Census were composed of:

   a) municipal digital mesh - 99 - vector format;

   b) topographich charts in the geographical shape of the mapped municipality - matrix format;

   c) partial update - vector format, notably in the road system, of localities and water bodies, through the surveying with a GPS navigator.

The division lines of political-administrative and operating units were adjusted according to the Regional and State Units of IBGE, considering the identification of existing changes between the DPA / AGM /Municipal Mesh 99, at the moment of collection. The mapping made available to aid in the collection – statistical municipal maps and sector maps – incorporated the updates. New changes in municipal and intra-municipal division lines were identified during the Census collection, since the update did not cover the entire DPA.

With the objective of giving users of the Mesh of the Rural Enumeration Area a portrait of the 2000 Census collection, these changes have been incorporated into the Statistical Municipal Mapping. The consolidation of the Municipal Mesh and its internal division – which are consistent with the changes indicated in collection - required the reprocessing and a new generation of mesh and municipal mapping. Significant changes, related to the legal acts of creation of political-administrative units, still appeared during the reprocessing of changes. The diverging data are being evaluated.

The cartographic bases available are compatible with the 1:2 5000 000 scale, and were generated from the source file in the original 1:250 000 scale, using the process of removal of points, and adopting a minimum distance of 250 - 300 m between the points, with intervals according to the specifications and using the technical criteria pre-established by IBGE.

Note: It is advisable not to expand the provided scales otherwise unacceptable cartographic distortions may appear.

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