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Mapping of Teritorial Units - Products

Digital Municipal Mesh 2005

The Mesh of the Rural Census Sector of Brazil is a cartographic product of IBGE, eleborated by the Cartography Coordination, and originated from the Municipal Graph File - AGM. It is formed by topographic charts in the best scale available, in the several regions of the country.

This version portrays the current situation of the Political-Administrative Division of Brazil – DPA, through the vector representation of state and municipal division lines , relative to base-year 2005, encompassing:

    - the consolidation of changes pointed out during the 2000 census survey;

    - inclusion of 53 (fifty-three) new municipalities created and installed starting on 01/01/2001, as well as changes in the division lines of the municipalities of Carapebus, Conceição de Macabu and Macaé, according to the injunction issued by the judge of the 3rd Federal Court / RJ, a decision summoned to IBGE in October /2000;

    - the municipality of Pinto Bandeira (RS) is not included in this version of the Municipal Mesh, due to the Provisional Measure of Protection which temporarily suspended Law no. 11375/99, which created the aforementioned municipality. This measure was included in the Direct Unconstitutionality Action no. 2381-1, Rio Grande do Sul, of June 20, 2001, published in the Court Gazette of December 14, 2001;

    - inclusion of 4 (four) new municipalities created and installed on January 1, 2005;

    - changes and corrections in the division lines, cartographic bases and municipal maps after the 2000 Census.

Note: It is advisable not to expand the provided scales otherwise unacceptable cartographic distortions may appear.