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Digital Index Map

The representation by means of maps and charts is an essential input to the development and management of the territory, since the existence of mapping and its level of update contribute to a number of decision processes. Data (year of the last edition, available scale, editing institution, existing products, etc) relative to the systematic mapping scales of the country are elementary tools for the planning of several projects not only by IBGE and by the Army Geographic Service Board - DSG, as well as by other public and private institutions.

In a cooperative effort, IBGE, through the Geosciences Directorate and its Department of Cartography, and the DSG, through the 5th Prospecting Division, developed a project which, besides supporting the internal works of each institution, is intended to make available data and information related to the systematic mapping of the country through an Index Map, now available in a digital version.

The purpose of an Index Map is to be a reference in the systematic mapping of the country, for example, by providing information about the organs which are responsible for its execution and dissemination. In an analogue environment, this proposal presents drawbacks concerning the graphic representation of information associated to the different scales of the National Cartographic System, mainly in large scales, such as: 1:25: 000 and 1:50 000, and drawbacks regarding the maintenance of information, due to its regular update by the producers of systematic mapping.

The digital edition of the Index Map is intended to provide updated information about existing systematic mapping. This product is formed by a group of cartographic bases and alphanumerical data relative to mapping, allowing recovery and display in both analogue and digital means. A brief explanation for the underlined texts is provided in order to promote better understanding of the technical terms employed in this document.