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 UF Code    UF    Municipality Code    Municipality   Area (Km2
35 SP 3500600 ÁGUAS DE SÃO PEDRO 3,612


- Rio de Janeiro

(*) Carapebus, Conceição de Macabu e Macaé. Areas adopted persuant to preliminary injunction.

- Rio Grande do Sul

(**) Including 10,049.622 km2 and 2,811.529 km2 referring to Lagoas dos Patos and Mirim, respectively, incorporated to the area of the State in compliance with State Constitution of 1988. They are not municipal areas.

(***) The municipality of Pinto Bandeira, which on 01/01/2001 had the area of 105.156 km², was taken out of the list. That was due to the fact that it was sub judice, persuant to the Injunction that suspended, temporarily, the Law no. 11375/99, which created the aforementioned municipality. That Injunction was a direct consequence of the Unconstutionality no. 2381-1, Rio Grande do Sul, of 20/06/2001, published in the Justice Gazette of 14/12/2001. This area, persuant to the aforementioned decision, remains aggregated to the area of the municipality of Bento Gonçalves.