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PNAD - Supplement: Food Security

Food Security

As a conclusion to the release of results of supplements to the National Household Sample Survey – PNAD – conducted in 2004, IBGE, in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development and Combat to Hunger, makes available data on food security conditions in Brazilian households. The methodology used in this study also allowed the identification e measurement – all over the country – of problems related to food insecurity and its worst side – starvation.

This publication makes a profile of food security conditions in Brazil and its Major Regions, using, among other variables, the situation of the household, the composition of the household unit according to the existence of dwellers under 18 years of age, number of residents in the household, sex of the reference person, household income per capita and persons receiving income transfers from government social programs. The analysis of results, illustrated by graphs, highlights the most important aspects of the indicators presented.

The publication also includes the survey sampling plan, information about studies conducted here and abroad for the improvement of the method originally conceived by the United States Department of Agriculture - USDA) and its adequacy and validation in Brazil, a detailed description of the procedures relative to the development of the Brazilian Food Security Scale – EBIA and its use in PNAD 2004, as well as a glossary with the concepts considered essential to the understanding of results. The CD ROM which comes enclosed with the publication brings, besides data on the printed volume, complementary tables for the Federation Units.

The indicators released here cover the whole country and a powerful instrument for the knowledge of its food security conditions.