Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística

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Complete Mortality Table

Complete Mortality Tables 2013

In compliance with Article 2 of the Presidential Decree no. 3266 of November 29, 1999, IBGE annually publishes the Complete Mortality Tables, relative to the previous year, for the Brazilian population as a whole. This information is used by the Ministry of Social Security in the calculation of the social security factor for retirement pensions of persons under the General Social Security System.

Mortality Table 2013 results from a projection of mortality levels based on the table elaborated for year 2010, which included data from the 2010 Population Census, infant mortality estimates based on the same census, and information about notifications and official records of death by sex and age. That is a necessary updating procedure when working with indicators and/or prospective demographic models. Furthermore, the updated data will contribute to generate updated parameters on mortality in Brazil for the Population Prospect by Sex and Age for the Period of 2000-2060 – Revision 2013.