Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística

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Population Estimates

Population Estimates for Brazilian Municipalities on 07/01/2009

It presents annual statistics of Brazilian municipalities, with July 01 as the reference date, for the calculation of shares of the Participation Fund of States and Municipalities as well as statistics of areas which may be turned into new municipalities and districts, and of existing municipalities of which borderlines are changed as a reply to legal demands. It also provides estimates for the expansion of results from several sample surveys of IBGE.

Municipal estimates were first elaborated in 1975.

Methodological information about the calculation of annual estimates for 2009 can also be obtained in the report Methodology for the estimates of resident population in Brazilian municipalities on July 1st 2008: a demographic apporach to estimate the historical pattern and the level of underenumeration of persons in population censuses and population counts, released by IBGE, in 2008.

Frequency: Annual (since 1991)

Geographic coverage: Brazil , Federative Units and Municipalities

Released on: the Internet