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Consumer Expenditure Survey 2008-2009

Anthropometry and nutritional status of children, teenagers and adults in Brazil

With the release of this publication, IBGE provides society with a new group of results of the Consumer Expenditure Survey - POF 2008-2009, conducted only six years after its previous edition, as a result of a partnership with the World Bank, within the Human Development Technical Assistance Loan (HD TAL), and an agreement with the Ministry of Health. Being of fundamental importance to reduce the gap between the two editions of such a relevant national survey, the resources and technical support made available promoted the obtaining of material and technical inputs employed in the current edition, and also accounted for the elaboration of studies and tests aimed at the improvement and future implementation of continuous surveys of this kind.

After the release of the Consumer Expenditure Survey 2008-2009: expenditure, income and life conditions publication, this volume now brings the results relative to the anthropometric measurements of children, teenagers and adults investigated in this survey. In order to analyze the results, the IBGE had the contribution of renowned and skilled technicians from the Ministry of Health and nutrition specialists hired by the same ministry. The reference used for measurement comparisons regarding sex and age was the growth curve established by the WHO Multicentre Growth Reference Study Group. Besides the profile of growth and evolution of the weight of children, teenagers and adults, the publication presents an analysis of the nutritional status of these groups according to anthropometric measures indicated to evaluate them. Comparisons with results from previous approaches are some of the highlights in the current study. The information released about Brazil encompasses urban and rural reality. For Major Regions and Federation Units, results have been totalized.

The publication also includes an overall view of the survey and of the methodology applied to it, with special reference to concepts and definitions, sampling aspects, devices and procedures and treatment of information. The CD-ROM which comes enclosed with the publication reproduces information contained in the printed volume and brings, as a complement, variation coefficients related to all the estimates, for group of selected tables released in this publication, and also collection devices used in POF 2008-2009.

This survey and its microdata are available on the IBGE web site, and on a specific CD-ROM intended to facilitate database exploration, according to each user’s needs.

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