Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística

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Population Censuses

Municipal Social Indicators: an analysis of the results of the universe of the Population Census

The Municipal Social Indicators present tables in xls (compacted) and in pdf.

Tables in pdf provide information about resident population by household situation and sex; illiteracy rates; people aged 15 years or over who do not know to write or read; housing units, by sex of the household reference person considering permanent private housing units; total of permanent private housing units; average values and quartiles of the total per capita nominal household monthly income; ratio of the averages of the total nominal monthly incomes of people aged 10 or over; proportion of permanent private households by type of sanitation infrastructure; proportion of children aged 0 to 5 living in permanent private housing units with illiterate household reference person or spouse and with inadequate sanitation conditions. These tables may present information by Federation Unit, Major Region, class of municipality population size or capital municipality.

The xls tables bring the same information as that in pdf for Brazil and Federation Units.

The tables of the publication are also available in xls.

Technical notes, concepts and definitions, commentaries about the spatial distribution of indicators and their main determining factors are available in pdf files.