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Population Censuses

Atlas of the 2010 Population Census

The Atlas of the 2010 Population Census presents different configurations of the national territory and multiple dimensions involved in the dynamics and in the profile of the population evolution, improving the analysis of the population contrasts and of the regional and social inequalities described in the results of the 2010 Population Census already released. To unveil these subjects, the publication is organized into comprehensive and interconnected themes that involve a number of dimensions of the dynamics and profile of the population, based on local and regional differences. The selected themes involve the insertion of Brazil in the world, the political-administrative division of Brazil, the demographic characteristics of the population, as well as its spatial distribution, territory flows and urbanization aspects, in addition to housing conditions, social-economic profile and cultural diversity. The publication includes a glossary with the relevant terms and concepts to understand the results. As a whole, the information now released describes the contemporary changes in the geography of the Brazilian population, addressing the increasing interest in understanding the territory in multiple geographic scales.

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