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Population Censuses

Calendar 2010

Month Publishing Date
November 2010 Population Census: first results

Calendar 2011

Month Publishing Date
April Summary of the 2010 population census
2010 Population Census: preliminary results of the universe
Digital Mesh of Brazil: status in 2010
July Digital Mesh of Brazil: status in 2010
Population Census information database: Summary results by enumeration area.
Statistical municipal maps
November Population Census - Characteristics of the population and households - Results of the universe
2010 Population Census: municipal social indicators
Population Census information database: Universe results by enumeration area
2010 Population Census: results of the universe in a web application
2010 Population Census: preliminary results of the sample
National Address List for Statistical Purposes
December 2010 Population Census: subnormal agglomerates

Calendar 2012 1

Month Publishing Date
April 2010 Population Census: general results of the sample
2010 Population Census: sample microdata
May 2010 Population Census: urban characteristics of household surroundings
June 2010 Population Census: general characterisitcs of the population, religion and persons with disabilities)
August 2 2010 Population Census: general characteristics of the INdian population - Results of the universe
October3 2010 Population Census: nuptiality, fertility and migration - Results of the sample
2010 Population Census: families and households - Results of the sample
December4 2010 Population Census: education, labor, income and commuting - Results of the sample

1The monthly schedule for the release of the results of the 2010 Population Census for 2012 presents some differences in relation to the products and periods of the quarterly calendar released in 2011. The differences resulted from the revision of the program of activities and redefinition of the thematic volumes, which were compiled in volumes with similar themes.

The strategy, previously announced, for the release of the results of the sample was kept. A volume including an overview of the several themes in conjunction with the presentation of the microdata will be released. In addition, the several themes will be thoroughly examined and released with specific approaches.

The release of the results of the Universe will be complemented with definitive information about income in May and with information about indigenous peoples.

The 2010 Population Census Atlas5 will be compiled in one publication only in order to ensure consistency and integration in the analysis of the data obtained from the Universe and Sample.

The publication of the methodological volume concerning the 2010 Population Census will be released in 2013.

2 Postponed from July to August due to operational problems.

3 Postponed from September to October due to operational problems.

4 Postponed from November to December due to operational problems.

5 Postponed from December/2012 to 2013 due to operational problems.

December 4th, 2012