Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística

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Demographic Census: Population and Household Characteristics – Universe Results

Demographic Census 2000: Population and Household Characteristics – Universe Results

As a sequence to the release Demographic Census 2000 results, IBGE presents the definitive data of the survey universe, encompassing the characteristics of the population, of household heads and of the households and their respective dwellers, relative to the total of the country, for Brazil and its Major Regions, Federative Units and municipalities.

The publication includes commentaries about the Brazilian population dynamics, by analyzing its demographic growth and distribution and the number of household heads, by sex, age ad education. It also investigates the quality of life of the population through its housing conditions.

Moreover, the publication brings the survey methodological notes, an annex with a list of the resident population, considering the original municipalities in 2000 and those created in 2001, and also an appendix with a list of the 1 052 tables of results included in the CDROM which is included in the publication, encompassing the information in the printed volume printed and data grouped by mezoregions, microregions, metropolitan areas, districts, sub districts and boroughs, for cities in which borough borders are official.