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Ethno-Racial Characteristics of the Population

Ethno-Racial Characteristics of the Population – a study of the 2008 classification categories of color or race

This release introduces the results of the Survey of Ethno-Racial Characteristics of the Population –PCERP, carried out for the first time in 2008, in order to provide a better understanding of the current classification system of color or race in the household surveys done by IBGE and contribute to their improvement.

The publication comes with: technical notes on the survey, a review of the previous investigations on the theme in other household surveys carried out by the Institution, considerations on the methodology applied and a glossary defining key concepts. The results, portrayed through a varied set of tables, have as reference people aged 15 or older, residents in permanent private households settled in the six selected Federation Units – Amazonas, Paraíba, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso and Distrito Federal. As an addition to this data set, some tables are presented with the coefficient ratios associated to their respective estimates. The enclosed CD-ROM reproduces the printed edition and brings the tables with the absolute numbers and the change coefficient ratios of all estimates.

The results presently disseminated comprise the identification of the population ethnic and geographic origins and the understanding of the color or race influence in some spheres of social life, contributing, thus, to study of this phenomenon. Moreover, it is hoped that these statistics will be used as a basis for new studies, carried out either by IBGE or by specialists from other institutions, aiming at enhancing the understanding of the ethnic and racial categories used in the household surveys.