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Anuário estatístico do Brasil
(Statistical yearbook of Brazil)

First issue 1908/12. Annual
ISSN 0100-1299
Information presented in texts, tables, graphs and maps provide an overview picture of the Country's territorial and environmental features, demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the population, as well as agricultural, manufacturing and services activities, indexes, costs, wages and salaries, and macroeconomic aggregates. It contains information produced by IBGE and agencies that are part of the National Statistical System.
It includes glossary and subject index.

Anuário estatístico do Brasil
(Statistical yearbook of Brazil)

ISSN 1413-8190 CD-ROM
Contains statistical and territorial information providing an overview of the Country.
Starting in 1995, available on CD-ROM.

Brasil em números
(Brazil in figures)

First issue 1992. Annual
ISSN 0103-9288
Previous title: O Brasil em números (1960, 1966), Brasil : séries estatísticas retrospectivas (1970, 1977)
A synthesis of the Country's most representative data, it uses maps, graphs and tables to provide information about the physical reality of the national territory, demographic and socioeconomic features of the population, as well as some characteristics of agricultural, manufacturing, trade, services and prices activities, besides national accounts.
The publication also includes information about science and technology, and basic statistics of the government. After 1997 the publication is bilingual, in Portuguese and English.

MERCOSUL : sinopse estatística
(MERCOSUL : statistical abstract)

First issue 1992. Irregular
ISSN 1021-7398
Contains texts describing the situation of national statistics in countries member of the Common Market of the South - MERCOSUL (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay), and provides statistical data about each country's population, and economic-sectorial, macroeconomic and foreign trade characteristics. It includes a glossary of variables collected and a bilingual index allowing the retrieval of tables.
It also presents studies and analyses about Latin-American integration and the new economic space, MERCOSUL, prepared by well-known academic authors.
This publication is the result of cooperation between national statistical agencies of MERCOSUL member countries.

Sinopse estatística
(Statistical abstract)

North Region. 1981. 244 p. ISBN 85-240-0006-6
Northeast Region. 1983. 364 p. ISBN 85-240-0207-7
Southeast Region. 1984. 340 p. ISBN 85-240-0230-1
South Region. 1982. 248 p. ISBN 85-240-0054-6
Central West Region. 1982. 248 p. ISBN 85-240-0128-3
Highlights the regions' geophysical, demographic, social, cultural, economic and administrative features, presented for each federative unit and, in some instances, also for respective municipalities.
The volumes include tables with statistical data,graphs, and photographs of each region's tourist attractions.

Séries estatísticas retrospectivas
(Retrospective statistical series)

1986. 3 v. in 5
ISBN 85-240-0254-9 (set)
Publication in 3 volumes. The first, a facsimile of Repertório estatístico do Brasil: quadros retrospectivos (Statistical repertory of Brazil : retrospective tables), contains tables with time series taken from the 1939/40 Statistical yearbook, about territorial division, population, agriculture, industries, transportation, communications, real estate, currency and banking, government finances, prices, trade, social and cultural features, and public safety.
The second volume is a facsimile of the publication O Brasil, suas riquezas naturais, suas indústrias (Brazil, its natural wealth, its industries), published in 1907. Divided into three tomes, it contains information about extractive, agricultural, transportation and manufacturing industries.
The third volume provides information about the many features of the Brazilian reality, from the 16th century till the eighties, including themes such as population, agriculture, industries, and national accounts, among others.

Estatísticas históricas do Brasil : séries econômicas, demográficas e sociais de 1550 a 1988
(Historical statistics of Brazil : economic, demographic and social time series from 1550 to 1988)

2nd. ed. revised and updated of Retrospective statistical series v. 3. 1990. 642 p.
ISBN 85-240-0333-2
This volume is the second edition revised and updated of the Retrospective statistical series, presenting information about the major aspects of the Brazilian society and its economy from the 16th century until the eighties. It contains analytical texts and tables with data about population, slave trade, national accounts, price indexes, currency and banking, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and communications, energy, foreign trade, government finances and election results.

Sistema de informações estatísticas e geográficas - SIEG
(Statistical and geographical information system - SIEG)

1996. ISBN 85-240-0599-8
This system integrated spatial information, at various aggregation levels, and demographic, social and economic statistics of the Country. It uses maps and cartograms to present the Brazilian administrative division, associated to statistical data on population, households, education, health, basic sanitation, voters, among other subjects, for Brazil, major regions, states and municipalities. It also includes a glossary containing definitions of the main variables presented, and Percy Lau's engravings of human types and environmental features of Brazil.
The product is available on CD-ROM.

Base de informações municipais
(Base of municipal information)

1998. ISBN 85-240-0681-1 CD-ROM
Brings together a group of variables selected from surveys carried out by IBGE and other institutions, comprising three major themes: territory, population and life conditions (characteristics of the people, life and life risk, education, health, housing, migration, and political participation), and production of goods and services (business structure, agriculture, financial institutions, and public finance), besides a statistical synthesis with 100 variables selected among the themes, providing an extract of the information for each municipality, federative unit, and Brazil. The system offers several options for information retrieval, by themes, variables or municipalities, generating indicators, tables, graphs, and thematic maps.
This product is available for purchase on CD-ROM.

Base de informações municipais
(Base of municipal information)

2000. ISBN 85-240-0767-2 CD-ROM
Brings together a group of variables selected from surveys carried out by IBGE and other institutions, comprising three major themes: territory, population and life conditions (characteristics of the people, life and life risk, education, health, housing, migration, and political participation), and production of goods and services (business structure, agriculture, financial institutions, and public finance), besides a statistical synthesis with 100 variables selected among the themes, providing an extract of the information for each municipality, federative unit, and Brazil. The system offers several options for information retrieval, by themes, variables or municipalities, generating indicators, tables, graphs, and thematic maps.
This product is available for purchase on CD-ROM.

Perfil dos municípios brasileiros: pesquisa de informações básicas municipais 1999
(Profile of Brazilian municipalities: survey of basic municipal information 1999)

2001. 121 p.
ISBN 85- 240-0849-0
This publication presents the first results of the Survey of Basic Municipal Information, with data on the institutional apparatus of local public planning, administrative structure, social programs, supply of services and urban infrastructure, among other subjects. It includes also methodological notes, analysis of results and a glossary of terms and concepts.
It contains a CD-ROM.

Base de informações municipais 3
(Base of municipal information 3)

2002. ISBN 85-240-0877-6 -CD-ROM
Contains a group of variables selected from surveys carried out by IBGE and other institutions, comprising two major themes: population and life conditions (characteristics of persons, life and risk to life, education, health, and political participation) and production of goods and services (business structure, agriculture, financial institutions and public finances), for the 5,507 Brazilian municipalities installed in 1997, federative units, Federal District of Fernando de Noronha, metropolitan areas and Brazil. In this edition, sources of information include the results from the universe of the 2000 Demographic Census, the 1998 Civil Registration and Vital Statistics, the 1999 Extractive Agriculture and Forestry Production, the 1999 Municipal Agricultural Production, the 1999 Municipal Livestock Production, as well as updated data relative to administrative records from the Ministries of Education, Health and Finance and from the Higher Electoral Court. The digital municipal mesh of Brazil was used, portraying the situation of the administrative division of Brazil effective in 1997. To search this database it is necessary to install the Estatcart: geo-referenced information retrieval system, available on a separate CD-ROM. It makes possible searching by themes, variables or geographic areas and also crossing statistical data, administrative records and geographic information, as well as generating indicators, tables, graphs and thematic maps.
This product is available for purchase or consult.


Normas de apresentação tabular
(Table presentation standards)

3rd. ed. 1993. 62 p.
ISBN 85-240-0471-1
Establishes concepts and procedures to be applied to numerical data tables, presenting documents issued by standard establishing institutions to complement the text. It includes appendixes showing the graphical representation of spaces and elements in a table, with many examples.

Nomes geográficos : normas para indexação
(Geographical names : indexing standards)

Maria Célia dos Santos Bou Maroun and Maria de Lourdes Therezinha Pacheco Neves
1996. 21 p. (Documents for dissemination. Documentation sources. ISSN 0104-5342; 2)
ISBN 85-240-0589-0
Presents a set of norms to standardize Brazilian and foreign geographic names on library catalogs and publication indexes, electronic or not, and offers aid to retrieval and display of geographic names on other means such as archives, cinema or television titles, etc. It also includes the bibliography used.

Congresses and conferences

Encontro comemorativo do centenário de Teixeira de Freitas
(Meeting commemorating Teixeira de Freitas' centennial)

1991. 80 p. (Documents for dissemination. Institutional memory, ISSN 0103-6459; no. 2)
ISBN 85-240-0366-9
Contains the lectures made during the Meeting commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Teixeira de Freitas, in 1990.

Anais da III Conferência Nacional de Estatística - CONFEST
(Annals of the 3rd National Statistical Conference - CONFEST)

1991. 176 p.
ISBN 85-240-0420-7
The papers discuss subjects such as demographic, social and economic statistics, to assist the preparation of the 3rd General Plan of Statistical Information, that guides the production of statistics by all governmental and private agencies comprising the National Statistical System.

Encontro Nacional de Produtores e Usuários de Informações Sociais, Econômicas e Territoriais
(National Meeting of Producers and Users of Social, Economic and Territorial Information)

1996. 9 v. in 24
Comprises the papers presented during the Meeting, including nine concurrent events: III National conference of geography and cartography - Confege, IV National conference of statistics - Confest, Gathering of institutions producing information, Users' debate, Workshop "Challenge to reconsider the work", Symposium on innovations in producing information, Courses update, Information technology exhibit and Commemorative exhibition of 60 years of IBGE.
The volumes approach themes related to demographic, social and economic statistics, and also to geography and cartography, allowing a multidisciplinary examination of the information available in the Country.

Technical-scientific periodicals

Revista brasileira de estatística
(Brazilian statistical review)

First issue 1940. Quarterly (1940-1986), biannual (1987- )
ISSN 0034-7175
Previous title: Review of statistics and economics (1936-1939)
Cumulative author and subject indexes (v. 43. 1940-1979; v. 50, 1980-1989)
Publishes theoretical and/or applied works about statistical methods, emphasizing the analysis of economic and social phenomena. It also discusses methodology development issues that are relevant to agencies producing statistics. It includes articles revising state-of-the-art techniques, books reviews, papers written by request and essays about Statistics education.

Revista brasileira de geografia
(Brazilian review of geography)

First issue 1939. Quarterly.
ISSN 0034-723X
Insert: Atlas of international relations (Jan./March 1967 - Oct./Dec. 1976).
Cumulative indexes of authors, subjects, geographic and key words (vol. 47, 1939-1983).
This review presents geographic knowledge of a theoretical or empirical nature, in articles and communications written by Brazilian and foreign authors. It also includes transcriptions and book reviews.

Cadernos de geociências
(Geosciences papers)

First issue 1988. Irregular (1988 - Jan. 1994), quarterly (July/sept.1994 - Oct./Dec. 1995 ) .
ISSN 0103-1597
Presents results of surveys, methodologies, technical experiments, theses and papers in the area of geosciences, written by Brazilian and foreign authors. It also includes interviews, news and book reviews.
From 1999 onwards the Geosciences papers are available only on the Internet.

Special studies

A administração flexível : uma introdução à novas filosofias de gestão
(The flexible administration : an introduction to the new philosophy of management)

André Cézar Médici and Pedro Luiz Barros Silva
1992. 25 p. (Technical reports. National School of Statistical Sciences; no. 9/92)
Presents a brief history of the philosophy of production administration, control and management, during
the 20th century.Explains the major internal organization principles of the flexible administration and their application to the management of government-owned enterprises.

Equipamentos utilizadores de energia e veículos automotores de uso dos moradores dos domicílios - 1988
(Energy-consuming appliances and motor vehicles used by householders - 1988)

1992. 2 v.
ISBN 85-240-0423-1 (set)
Contains tables with statistical data about consumption of electric energy, types of electricity-consuming appliances and equipment in households, type and availability of energy used in cooking and water-heating appliances, availability to householders of automobiles or light utility vehicles, year of manufacturing and type of fuel consumed. This information was compiled by the supplementary survey of the 1988 National Household Sample Survey. Data is published for Brazil, major regions and federative units.

Censo penitenciário do estado do Rio de Janeiro - 1988
(Census of correctional facilities in the state of Rio de Janeiro)

1994. 250 p.
ISBN 85-240-0476-2
Presents tables with statistical data about inmates individual characteristics, educational attainment, former job and prison job, legal data, visits received and payment of prisoner aid, as well as data analyzing texts that reveal the profile of the prisons population in the state. It also includes graphs and the survey's methodology. This publication is the result of an agreement between IBGE, the State Secretariat of Planning and Control and the State Secretariat of Justice of Rio de Janeiro.

Documents for discussion

O sigilo das informações estatísticas : idéias para reflexões
(The confidentiality of statistical information : ideas for consideration)

Pedro Luiz do Nascimento Silva
1988. 22 p. (Texts for discussion, ISSN 0103-6661; v. 1. no. 4)
Studies the issue of protecting the confidentiality of the statistical information collected, processed, published and stored by IBGE. It analyzes its legal, political, ethical, and technical and operational aspects, and presents recommendations concerning the reformulation of standards, procedures and methods to protect statistical data confidentiality.

Uso de amostragem em simulação de legislação tributária
(Use of sampling in tax law simulation)

José Carlos da Rocha Castelar Pinheiro and Manuel Martins Filho
1988. 43 p. (Technical reports. National School of Statistical Sciences; no. 2/88)
Discusses the procedure adopted to stratify the universe of individual income tax returns filed, and the allocation, selection and validation of the sample to be used by the system of law simulation, developed by the Federal Data Processing Service - SERPRO.The use of a reduced returns sample allows the simulation of effects derived from changes introduced in tax law, thus helping decision making by the tax managing office.

Coordenação estatística nacional : reflexões sobre o caso brasileiro
(National statistical coordination : considering the Brazilian case)

Lenildo Fernandes Silva
1989. 63 p. (Texts for discussion, ISSN 0103-6661; no. 21)
Discusses the National Statistical System, whose main function is to implement the guidelines of the General Plan of Statistical Information-PGIE, the main source of policies for the production of statistics in the Country.
This work intended to help the discussion about PGIE and the National Statistical System during the 3rd National Conference of Statistics-CONFEST, conducted by IBGE in November 1989.

Curva de Lorenz e índice de Gini para distribuição de renda
(Lorenz curve and Gini index for income distribution)

José Paulo Quinhões Carneiro and Jorge Luiz Rangel Costa
1989. 27 p. (Technical reports. National School of Statistical Sciences; no. 2/89)
Uses the Gini index and the Lorenz curve to study wealth concentration, in order to clarify some mathematical aspects of the subject, applying them to Brazilian and state of Rio de Janeiro data.

Uma revisão do BATS-Bayesian analysis of time series; pacote para microcomputadores tipo PC)
(A revision of BATS-Bayesian analysis of time series; a package for PCs)

Helio Santos Migon and E. Suyama
1989. 15 p. (Technical reports. National School of Statistical Sciences; no. 5/89)
Describes the BATS package for time series analysis, using Bayesian forecasting methods. It presents the main characteristics of dynamic Bayesian modeling and examples of use, BATS advantages and disadvantages.

Ensaios sobre a produção de estatística
(Essays on the production of statistics)

Eduardo Augusto de Almeida Guimarães and Lenildo Fernandes Silva
1990. 35 p. (Texts for discussion. ISSN 0103-6661; no. 26)
Presents two papers about the subject: the first, written by Eduardo Augusto A. Guimarães, approaches serious issues concerning the production of statistics and the conception of statistical systems and subsystems; the second, written by Lenildo Fernandes Silva, deals with the production of statistics by IBGE, in the light of its current situation.

Estatísticas, estudos e análises demográficas - uma visão do Departamento de População
(Demographic statistics, studies and analyses - a view of the Department of Population)

1990. 44 p. (Texts for discussion, ISSN 0103-6661; no. 30)
Describes the surveys conducted by the Department of Population of IBGE, such as the 1991 Demographic Census, vital statistics, legal separations and divorces, demographic parameters estimations and population projections.

A estrutura operacional de uma pesquisa por amostra
(The operation structure of a sample survey)

Luiz Fernando Ramos de Mello
1990. 227 p. (Texts for discussion, ISSN 0103-6661; no. 38)
ISBN 85-240-0356-1
Explains systematically the stages in conceiving and producing sample surveys, including models of operation flows and describing the basic documentation that must be generated, to allow a complete understanding of the whole system.

Notas técnicas sobre o planejamento de testes e pesquisas experimentais
(Technical notes on the planning of tests and experimental surveys)

Carlos Marcos Barbosa
1990. 39 p. (Texts for discussion, ISSN 0103-6661; no. 29)
Discusses the alternate processes to develop the main stages of pre-tests, tests and experimental surveys in the field of socioeconomic statistics. It describes the sequence of some phases of the operation, such as the questionnaire and instructions pre-testing, the testing of the survey, the dimensions of the sample, the selection of places to do the testing, the training, the interview, the processing, reports and controls (field work), the conclusions and adjustments, and the experimental surveys and pilot-test.

Perfil de visitantes de museus
(Museum visitor profile)

Kaizô Iwakami Beltrão et alii
1990. 28 p. (Technical reports. National School of Statistical Sciences; no. 1/90)
Describes the stages of the joint project of Fundação Pró-Memória and IBGE, that aims at characterizing systematically the profile of Brazilian museum visitors. It discusses the use of a pilot test, from questionnaire design to data analysis and resulting conclusions. It includes appendixes presenting the survey's tools.

Programa para análise de experimentos planejados segundo o enfoque de Nelder
(Software for analysis of planned experiments following to Nelder's approach)

Denise Cunha Ottero
1990. 67 p. (Technical reports. National School of Statistical Sciences; no. 9/90)
Contains the information needed to use the software, its main features and limitations, describing in detail data entry procedures, error messages and analysis results. To illustrate the software's available analyses the author uses two classic examples from of planning of experiment literature. It also includes a small glossary of terms used, some results and the conventions needed to perform the software routines and its physical characteristics.

Sistema estatístico, planejamento e sociedade no Brasil : (notas para uma discussão)
(Statistical system, planning and society in Brazil : notes for discussion)

André Cézar Médici
1990. 40 p. (Technical reports. National School of Statistical Sciences; no. 10/90)
Discusses the need for statistical information in conducting a society-minded governmental planning.

As estatísticas e o meio ambiente
(Statistical data and environment)

Charles Curt Mueller
1991. 72 p. (Texts for discussion, ISSN 0103-6661; no. 50)
ISBN 85-240- 0411-8
Considers the creation of a system of environmental statistics, approaching theoretical references on the subject and the production of information originating as much from the natural environment as from the man-made one. It also presents the classifications developed by the European Statisticians Conference in various fields, such as land and water use, among others.

Asymptotics for low-frequency ordinates of the periodogram
of a long memory time series

Clifford M. Hurvich and Kaizô Iwakami Beltrão
1992. 26 p. (Technical reports. National School of Statistical Sciences; no. 7/92)
The periodogram ordinates of long memory Time series are asymptotically neither independent nor exponentially distributed, contrary to what happens with usually stationary processes. We consider the asymptotic distribution of the periodogram, showing that tapering can reduce the bias, and the estimator of d (memory parameter), proposed by Geweke and Porter-Hudak, will be asymptotically biased if the number of frequencies used is held fixed.

An optimal C() test of average precipitation in randomized
cloud-seeding experiments

Barry R. James, Kang Ling James and Djalma Galvão Carneiro Pessoa
1992. 12 p. (Technical reports. National School of Statistical Sciences; no. 5/92)
We derive an explicit version of the optimal C() test for the hypothesis of no change in average daily precipitation under cloud seeding. The experiment is unrestricted randomized and results for different days are assumed to be independent. We assume that the amount of rainfall on a seeded day has a gamma distribution with the same parameter as a wet control day, with possibly different scale parameters.

Técnicas empíricas de decomposição : uma abordagem baseada em simulações contrafactuais
(Empirical decomposing techniques : a counterfactual simulation based approach)

Ricardo Barros et alii
1993. 26 p. (Technical reports. National School of Statistical Sciences; no. 2/93)
Discusses the application of empirical decomposing techniques, their concepts, advantages and disadvantages, illustrating through examples the counterfactual simulations implicit in various applications, as well as the relevance of their utilization in the analysis of economic phenomena.

Apuração de dados no IBGE : problemas e perspectivas
(Data editing issues and strategies at the Brazilian Central statistical Office)

Pedro Luiz do Nascimento Silva and Zélia Magalhães Bianchini; translation by Sônia Albieri
1994. 62 p.(Texts for discussion, ISSN 0103-6661; no. 68)
ISSN 85-240-0486-X
Prepared for the 49th Biennial Congress of the International Statistical Institute-ISI, it discusses data editing methods, computer systems and data editing and processing strategies in the surveys conducted by IBGE up to the 1985 Census of Agriculture and Economic Censuses, through a diagnosis of the procedures used in those surveys. It describes the major changes to the process of data editing and processing, evaluating the results and analyzing future developments. It also includes a bibliography.

Transformações estruturais e sistemas estatísticos nacionais
(Structural changes and national statistical systems)

Elvio Valente
1996. 81 p. (Texts for discussion, ISSN 0103-6661; no. 82)
ISBN 85-240-0618-8
After analyzing and questioning the current national system of information and concluding that it needs to be revised as to basic statistics produced, agencies in charge and current laws governing the production of statistics, it develops proposals to facilitate the transition to a system that will be more effective and dynamic, and will answer the private sector decision making needs and governmental planning requirements, considering the new scientific and technological reality where information has the role of primary industry.

Uma revisão dos principais aspectos dos planos amostrais das pesquisas domiciliares realizadas pelo IBGE
(Review of the main sampling design features in household surveys carried out by IBGE)

Sonia Albieri and Zélia Magalhães Bianchini
1998. 24 p. (Texts for discussion, ISSN 0103-6661; no. 91)
ISBN 85-240-0678-1
Discusses methodological features of the main household sample surveys, carried out by IBGE during intercensal periods, considering respective similarities and differences as to objectives, target population, geographic coverage, and sample design.
Besides general characteristics of the National Household Sample Survey, Monthly Employment Survey, Consumer Expenditure Survey, Survey of Standards of Living, and Urban Informal Economy, the publication contains a brief description of the sample used in the detailed questionnaire of the last Demographic Censuses. It includes tables.

Reflexões sobre um programa de estatísticas ambientais (Reflections on a program of environmental statistics)

Regina Célia Melo Dantas and Sandra De Carlo
1999. 33 p. (Texts for discussion, ISSN 0103-6661; no. 64)
ISBN 85-240-0729-X
Contains some principles to be followed when implementing a program of environmental statistics at IBGE, based on work developed by Statistics Canada, which has experience in producing this type of statistics. The text provides the organization structure of the Canadian program, explaining its principal lines of work, as well as comments on the possibility of short-term, medium-term and long-term implementation of the program by IBGE.

Meio ambiente : sua integração nos sistemas de informações estatísticas
(Environment: its integration into statistical information systems)

Sandra De Carlo
1999. 53 p. (Texts for discussion, ISSN 0103-6661; no. 96)
ISBN 85-240-0731-1
Discusses the many factors that should be taken into account when setting up an integrated system of economic- environmental information, such as functional objectives, sustainable development definition and assessment methods, and indicates the principal internationally applied methodological approaches. The publication includes also the bibliography consulted.

Aspectos da produção de informação estatística oficial no contexto da sociedade: algumas questões teórico-metodológicas
(Aspects of the production of official statistical information in the context of society: theoretical-methodological issues)

Rosa Maria Porcaro
2000. 85 p. (Texts for discussion. Directorate of Research,
ISSN 15188-675X; no. 2)
ISBN 85-240-0831-8
Discusses the influence of transformations undergone by the present society on official statistics. These transformations area approached from the viewpoint of the information society, the post-Fordian society and the post-modern society. It questions if such transformations have already been incorporated to the methodology of present statistical surveys, designed to 'portray' a modern industrial capitalistic society with a national scope, nowadays very much modified. It includes bibliography.

Institutional documents

Giorgio Mortara. Centenário de nascimento : 1885-1985
(Giorgio Mortara. Hundredth anniversary of his birth :

1985. 22 p.
ISBN 85-240-0231-X
Contains biographical information about this important demographer, followed by bibliographical references of his works available at IBGE library, with the respective subject index.

Teixeira de Freitas : pensamento e ação
(Teixeira de Freitas : thought and action)

Mario Augusto Teixeira de Freitas
1990. 140 p. (Documents for dissemination. Institutional memory, ISSN 0103-6459; no. 1)
ISBN 85-240-0351-0
Presents a compilation of this author's papers that allow us to understand his ideas about the problems faced by Brazil during his time. It also includes a historical overview of IBGE in the context of general statistics in Brazil.

Memória institucional do IBGE : em busca de um referencial teórico
(IBGE institutional memory : the search for a theoretical framework)

Icléia Thiesen Magalhães Costa
1992. 40 p. (Documents for dissemination, ISSN 0103-6335;
no. 4)
ISBN 85-240-0446-0
Proposes a retrieval system model for IBGE institutional memory, starting from the identification of relevant facts in the Institution's history, its technical production, processes used, as well as survey methodology and organization of the collection of documents. This study discusses the trends of historical research in a government institution. It includes bibliography.

A criação do IBGE no contexto da centralização política do Estado Novo
(The creation of IBGE in the context of political centralization during the New State period)

Eli Alves Penha
1993. 123 p. (Documents for dissemination. Institutional memory, ISSN 0103-6459; no. 4)
ISBN 85-240-0463-0
Analyzes the political and institutional meaning of IBGE creation during the New State period, its participation in formulating government strategies concerning the territory and the organization of the Brazilian geographical space, starting with the historical survey of the reasons for its creation. It includes bibliography.

A indexação do banco de metadados do IBGE
(Indexation IBGE's metadata bank)

Philippe Jean Damien, Marília de Almeida March and Vera Lucia Cortes Abrantes
1993. 25 p. (Documents for dissemination. Documentation sources, ISSN 0104-5342; no. 1)
ISBN 85-240-0475-4
Describes the methodology used in indexing IBGE meta data bank, to define and control a standardized vocabulary allowing the retrieval of information, eliminating possible redundancies and normalizing the names of variables used in studies and surveys.It also addresses some theoretical aspects of information science and indexing.

Pensando a disseminação de informações : (o caso do IBGE)
(Thinking about information dissemination : IBGE case)

Nelson de Castro Senra
1993. 39 p. (Documents for dissemination, ISSN 0103-6335;
no. 3)
ISBN 85-240-0459-2
Presents a theoretical framework for information dissemination by IBGE, including the steps for structuring, designing and using the collections, both in printed and electronic form. It also discusses staff training policies.

Pró-censo : algumas notas sobre os recursos para o processamento de dados nos Recenseamentos do Brasil
(Pro-census : notes on the resources for data processing in Brazilian Censuses)

Francisco Romero Feitosa Freire
1993. 53 p. (Documents for dissemination. Institutional memory, ISSN 0103-6459; no. 3)
ISBN 85-240-0460-6
Presents a historical synthesis of technological resources for data processing used in censuses from 1901 to 1991 and the implementation of microcomputers at IBGE. It also includes photographs and appendixes with the basic legislation, in addition to a synoptic table of those resources at IBGE, during the 1960 to 1992 period.

IBGE : um retrato histórico
(IBGE : a historical portrait)

Jayci de Mattos Madeira Gonçalves
1995. 61 p. (Documents for dissemination. Institutional memory, ISSN 0103-6459; no. 5)
ISBN 85-240-0542-4
Presents a document research work describing IBGE trajectory in the period from 1936 to 1993. It includes a history of statistics and the first geographic activities in Brazil, and also the bibliography and legislation used in the study.

Miscellaneous publications

Manual de sobrevivência na selva
(Jungle survival handbook)

Cícero Feliciano de Pontes
2nd ed. 1996. 117 p.
ISBN 85-240-0557-2
Describes the procedures to be adopted in critical situations, starting with a hypothetical accident in the Amazon jungle. It includes first aid, special care needed by some diseases, list of plants with medicinal use, how to build a shelter, ways to find and prepare food, contact with the Indian population, among other practical notions.

A Bandeira do Brasil : raízes histórico-culturais
(The Brazilian Flag : historicocultural roots)

Raimundo Olavo Coimbra
3. ed. Updated and expanded. 2000. 496 p. ill.
ISBN 85-240-0733-8
Presents a study of the origin and historical evolution of flags as a permanent expression of culture for all peoples, from the antiquity to the modern and contemporary ages. Discourses on the historical context, analytical description and cultural significance of the Portuguese- Brazilian flags, as well as the present flag of Brazil, stressing also polemic observations on the model adopted for the republican pennant, in 1889, besides reform projects presented since its creation. It also includes literary texts related to the exaltation of the National Flag and the bibliography consulted.

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